I'm absolutly sorry but i cant forget about you

Knowing that one day you're going to die.. I want to be their next to you in the hospital bed holding your hand following you into the dark.. Archive


I think a girl guiding my hand down her pants is one of the sexiest things, mmmf.

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When my girl ask me why I love her I be like.

"Let’s see life story.. There’s not much to tell really ‘cept life isn’t going well right now might as well end it right here? .. No course not for people that think killing themselfs it is the quickest way to end pain.. But it’s not the best! .. There’s people out there that want to help with everything that has gone wrong in your life, Why? It’s because they love you and they need you in their life.. Like i need you in mine I won’t leave if you dont <3"

I&#8217;m sorry but i gotta move on with my own life

"A man’s strength should be used to protect his´╗┐ love, not harm her <3"